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The needs of your workers (also known as people) are evolving. This means your wellness program could probably do with an upgrade to fit your unique culture. Well, we’re in a unique position to fill these needs.

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The people behind Ritual Gym

We're the Corporate Wellness arm of Ritual Gym Group, where people around the world continue to get their workouts in with ultimate efficiency and unmatched convenience. We're proudly Singaporean, and pioneers in the boutique gym space, who've outlasted all the trends over the last decade. Why? Because we've never catered to 'fitness people'. We've always catered to real people, with challenging jobs, robust personal lives, and who aren't really all that interested in that picture of your abs. Real wellness runs deeper than that.

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Talks and workshops

Let's talk about the behavioural tools available to boost physical health, mental health and performance. Let's talk about resilience, habit formation, healthspan and how to actually become consistent. Let's talk about optimising sleep, exercise snacks and getting wellness alignment within your organisation. Our in-house subject matter experts don't just have masters degrees and the right credentials: we've also got real-world experience in leading international teams, building businesses, behaviour change, mental health support, building strong culture, personalising and localising services, and having a good time as we do important work.

Bridging the physical, mental and emotional

Team Building

Exercise can be the starting point, but it shouldn't stop there. The science is clear: healthy habits lead to sharpness, resilience, optimism, collaboration, confidence, decisiveness, and better communication.We look for synergistic effects across programs, tailored to your needs.

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Let’s customize the fitness service your people get access to: Enjoy special treatment in our gyms, on-site workouts at your office, outdoor workouts for your teams, customised in-gym events, personal training, full-service fitness offerings in your wellness facility, tailored workouts via the Ritual Fit app... We've done it all, and we’re not kidding when we say we’ll adapt the types of workouts to your needs and company culture.

"bring the mind home, release the grasping, relax into nature." - Sogyal Rinpoche


Nature walks, meditation, breath work, intention setting, rucking, ice baths, saunas, mindful eating, special events. Wellness includes slowing down, changing your state, and engaging in practices that grant perspective. Time away from your screens will help, and we can definitely help with that.

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Our Speakers

Every organization has a unique culture with unique demands.Under each speaker’s bio, you’ll see a list of their current top topics for talks and workshops. These are examples of stuff we’ve done that come especially highly rated and recommended, but note that this can just be a starting point.Let’s meet to discuss how we can really adapt to fit your needs.

ian tan

Ian is a Co-founder and Managing Director of Ritual Gym Group. With 15 years of experience as an owner-operator in the fitness industry, a Master of Science degree in Strength and Conditioning from St Mary’s University, Twickenham, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology from Santa Clara University, Ian’s work blends his strong academic background with years of practical experience at the forefront of health and wellness.Ian is the creator of the proprietary Ritual Coaching System that continues to train coaches across the world, in 4 different languages, that has revolutionized the quality of coaching in group fitness. On top of growing the business and managing international teams, Ian has also spent time over the years giving corporate talks to companies like LinkedIn, Singtel, and British Telecom.Current top topics for talks and workshops:· Unlocking your best self: Fitness for mental health, cognitive performance, and joy· Using your body to calm your mind: Practical tools for the modern warrior· Healthy living in the age of the screen· Exercising for healthspan: Adding life to your years, not just years to your life· Tone it down: A science-backed case for easy exercise· Hacking your day: Forget the gym, build these tiny healthy habits instead

Ashari Hatmin

Armed with a Master's degree in Sports Science from the United States Sports Academy, and a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science from the University of Queensland, Ash has over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. He currently serves as the Director of Client Experience and Education at Ritual Gym Group, and is also the founder of Movement Restoration.Always keeping one foot steeped in the practical application, and one foot deeply involved in education, Ash is a Master Trainer for several international fitness education courses, an educator for the American Council on Exercise, and is also currently working on his PhD. Over the years, Ash has provided corporate talks and wellness services to companies like OCBC, Prudential, Google, and Paypal.Current top topics for talks and workshops:· Everyone's an athlete: Optimizing your performance when life feels like a full-contact sport· Centered: Using breathwork to stay calm under pressure, reduce stress, and stay in flow· Hitting reset: Using movement as medicine to alleviate common aches and pains· High-performance teams: Understanding and implementing principles from elite sports and special operations teams to supercharge your teamwork

Alexandra Oh

Alexandra is a vibrant Mental Wellbeing Psychologist with more than 15 years of experience, a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Michigan State University, and a Masters in Counseling from Monash University.She is an enthusiastic and creative program designer, as well as an effervescent speaker and facilitator of engaging and interactive learning. She has been involved in conducting hundreds of corporate mental well-being workshops and events for companies such as Unilever, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore Airlines, and Coca-Cola.Alexandra’s work is supported by her years of training in various positive psychology and mental resilience techniques and her extensive training in counseling techniques such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy, Motivational Interviewing and Schema Therapy. Alexandra continues to split her time between conducting corporate mental wellbeing workshops and talks, and running her client-centered counseling practice.Current top topics for talks and workshops:· Emotional Intelligence: Making your emotions work for you instead of against you· Positive Psychology: Tools to invite thriving and flourishing· Mental Resilience: Factors to enhance navigating adversity effectively· Interpersonal Communication: Tools to building healthy and strong relationships· Work-life Balance: Finding the equilibrium that allows you to fuel and sustain a healthy work-life balance

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